Saturday, June 12, 2010

Audrey Kate & Anne Perry (6days)

I met Anna about a year ago when she spied me at my hair salon. I was reading the photographer's training manual for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (an organization that offers infant bereavement photography during the loss of a child at birth). I was truly oblivious to those around me that day. Later I get a message on Facebook from her making her acquaintance and we became instant friends through our love for photography. I hadn't realized at the time but I had been following the gorgeous images of DiAnna Paulk that had been taking over the past year of her daughter Addie. Addie is just a couple of months older than my son Owen. Anyhow, flash forward 18 months and I was so honored to be asked to assist in a newborn session with DiAnna of Anna and Paul's latest arrival - new twin girls, Anne Perry & Audrey Kate. They are BEAUTIFUL!

Meet Audrey Kate...

Here's Anne Perry...

I am so in awe of multiples! I can't imagine the incredible connection between these two.

For some reason I didn't get one of big sister Addie that day. Not to worry DiAnna got lots so I had to borrow one from her for my post. Can't leave out Addie! She is an awesome big sister to these girls!


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